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14.12.2006 15:57 Uhr

The knowledge we have that Christ is coming again (soon!) should influence our lives in the present and fill our lives with a sense of passion and hope while we wait for His return. At the most I'm only going to be around on this earth for a few more decades and then I will meet Jesus face to face! Having read this in Scripture for so many years is one thing, suddenly I have realised the reality that one day, not too far off I will see Jesus! This is certainly filling my day to day life with an earnestness and eagerness to tell others about Him and to live with renewed enthusiasm in the power of Christ!

Bishop James M Were (
07.09.2006 20:28 Uhr

Please send me the Email for Pastor james Macharia of Huruma Eldoret kenya
Bishop james M Were

Birgit in Schladming, Austria
27.08.2006 17:43 Uhr


Viele Grüße an euch alle von meinem U R L A U B im wunderschönen Schladming ... ganz nahe beim Tauernhof, dem österreichischen Fackelträger-Zentrum.
Die erste Tour heute habe ich bestens überlebt, morgen lernen wir dann mit den Krücken zu laufen - Nordic Walking genannt.
Und wenn's Wetter gut ist, gehen wir am Donnerstag früh morgens zu einer Sunrise-Bergwanderung auf den Dachstein!

Bis dann, Birgit

anne scheirle
24.07.2006 08:46 Uhr

hallo! ich bin mal wieder auf eurer seite gelandet!
;) ich ich freu mich schon auf die jungschar.
viele grüße, anne

anne scheirle
06.07.2006 13:50 Uhr

die seite ist echt super toll!!
ganz großes lob an euch!!
die bilder von den kindertagen sind echt
klasse geworden!!
Gruß anne

06.06.2006 21:57 Uhr


ich bin zwar kein Gast, schreibe aber trotzdem gern mal hier rein und bezeuge, wie großartig Gott ist!
Hab ich heute Abend mal wieder neu erfahren dürfen und kann es einfach nicht für mich behalten
Also seine Treue, Gnade, Geduld, Liebe, Herrlichkeit, Schönheit, ... sind einfach genial, unbeschreiblich wundervoll, überschwänglich, ...

Ich lobe und preise IHN aus allertiefstem Herzen.


Antoine Dib, Jordanien
10.05.2006 14:23 Uhr

Great achievements have small beginnings.
In the Christian Way, the vital thing is not speed, nor distance attained, but direction. The Scriptures exhort the runner to patience and say nothing about speed. A steady pace in the right direction will lead to the right goal at last, but if the life is aimed at the wrong goal, speed will only take us further astray in a shorter time!

30.04.2006 12:38 Uhr

Hey ihr, coole page. Ich kenn zwar niemand von euch, aber da ihr liebe Grüße auf unserer JubuHomepage hinterlassen habt, hab ich auch mal vorbei geschaut.
Gottes Segen für euren Kreis.

Antoine Dib, Jordanien
26.04.2006 15:10 Uhr


The time in Brazil was great indeed, this time I went to two new states, I have'nt visited before: Santa Caterina and Brasilia. The ministry was among different churches, the messages were very effective, brought many forward with tears, and new decisions of consecration. The Pastors' Breakfast Fellowship , over 40 of them was uniquely blessed. I spoke on the theme : What Pastors Are Not Telling Their Congregations. Although, it is a very curious theme, yet it was received with great interest and liberal spirits.
In Bumenau, Santa Caterina , a town established by the Germans in the 1823, I felt I am in Germany, some old houses built according to German style... The churches asked me to visit them again. They were touched by the Word, as it was given with a new perspective.
In the capital Brasilia, one can feel immediately the atmosphere of power, yet of great need. They also asked me to visit them again. Please pray that I might know God's will and how to move in this fruitful ministry which He has given me.I want to serve the Lord and be a blessing to many people. I pray that He will remove every obstacle and hindrance from the way.

PLease give my love to the family to your in-laws , and to each individual brother and sister in your fellowship.

Sincerely, Antoine.

Iza Pstrucha, Polen
26.04.2006 15:04 Uhr

Ich vermisse Euch ganz stark.
Bitte, richte auch Gruesse von mir an Alle!!


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